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Ketamine powder is a versatile anesthetic and dissociative drug, used both medically and recreationally. Initially developed as a safer alternative to phencyclidine (PCP), ketamine has found use in various settings, from operating rooms to therapeutic sessions for mental health conditions.

*Chemical Profile:*
Ketamine, chemically known as 2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)cyclohexanone, is classified as a dissociative anesthetic. It induces a trance-like state while providing pain relief, sedation, and memory loss.

*Medical Uses:*
In the medical field, ketamine is used for:
– Anesthesia: Its rapid onset and short duration make it ideal for short surgical procedures.
– Pain Management: It is effective in treating chronic pain and acute pain in emergency settings.
– Mental Health: Low doses of ketamine have shown promise in treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD, often providing relief where traditional treatments have failed.

*Recreational Use:*
Ketamine powder is also used recreationally for its dissociative and hallucinogenic effects. Common experiences include:
– Dissociation: Users may feel detached from their body and surroundings.
– Euphoria: A sense of well-being and happiness.
– Visual and Auditory Hallucinations: Altered perceptions of sights and sounds.
– “K-Hole”: At high doses, users may experience an intense, immersive dissociative state, often described as an out-of-body or near-death experience.

*Dosage and Administration:*
Recreational dosages vary significantly based on the desired effects and individual tolerance:
– Light: 10-30 mg (insufflated)
– Common: 30-75 mg (insufflated)
– Strong: 75-150 mg (insufflated)
– K-Hole: 150+ mg (insufflated)

Ketamine can also be administered via injection or orally, though these methods are less common recreationally.



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Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $80.00.
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